Date: 2017 01 10
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Made in China : Design Shanghai set to thrill.

"....Visitors are invited to explore five dedicated halls: Contemporary; Classic & Luxury; Collectable; Kitchen & Bathroom, and Workplace. Expanded for 2017, the Collectable hallis one of the festival's highlights, exhibiting some of the world's finest luxury and limited-edition items. Among the brands making their debuts this year is Lithuanian collective EgliDesign, a company that blurs the boundaries of art, fashion and product-making to create one-of-a-kind handmade furniture. In contrast to EgliDesign's unashamedly bold, contemporary aesthetic is UK antique specialist Frank Partridge, who will also be exhibiting at Design Shanghai's Collectable hall for the first time with a display of exquisite 18th-century Chinese art." The Week. Made in China: Design Shanghai set to thrill THEWEEK PORTFOLIO